This page will introduce you to some of the wonderful people has met on his trip so far.
This will offer you the opportunity to look at web sites & blogs of people Andy has mentioned.
Most of the overlanders Andy has met are doing trips to raise money and awareness for other charities.

                     GARY PALMER

The first person that Andy met on his travels was Gary Palmer.  Gary was cycling from Preston to Gateshead -the long way round! You can Read about Gary by following this link: 


then there was Scoob77. Andy met this Guy at our local Bike shop 2 the night before he left. I will paste the story for you to read in scoob77's words!

I met this guy yesterday.

...who saw me taking the side panel off my bike to get to the battery. I was outside a motorcycle shop.

He cycles up with a pal and starts chatting/admiring the bike, asks me whats happened and I explained we were on the way to N Wales for the night but my bike had died and wouldn't restart unless I jumped it off the other half's. I'd managed to limp it towards home without touching any electrics, was either the battery or the regulator/rectifier.

He then offers me his motorbike, so as not to spoil our night, has an Africa Twin "sat in the garage, taxed & tested, to be honest you'd be doing me a favour as it could do with a run-out".

I'd met the bloke 5 Min's ago - he was genuinely upset when I turned him down. He tried repeatedly to get me to take the bike, he'd go get it and I could just load the luggage straight on. And if I wanted to borrow it for a while, that was cool too, as he was "going away in the morning". I'd noticed all the panniers on his pushbike and a website addy.

Conversation continued, my missus arrived back with the car to take all my luggage, he tried to convince her too. He helped me load the car and push the bike towards the workshop. Turns out he was after a Trans alp fuel tank and I have one sat in the garage, I offered it to him for the return of a favour. Gave him my no. and said to give me a shout if he wants to come collect it. Pleasantries exchanged and off I went home...

So while she watched BGT last night, I looked up the website...

When he said he was going away he wasn't kidding!!

Today, he has set-off from Anfield on his pushbike and is pedalling the majority of the way to South Africa, using a plane to hop from Nice to Cairo I believe.

Not once did he mention charity/sponsorship/what can you do for me?

There are still people like that out there, glad I've met one.
( Scoob77- Thanks for your Generous donations to Andy's cause!)

Laurence is also on a cycling quest for charity to Australia (I am sure if Andy wasn't on a mission already he would have cycled with Laurence for a while!) you can read about Laurence's adventure at


Andy met 'Rambutan', 'Red', 'Jack' & 'FNG' in Aswan. They are travelling from Belfast to Cape Town in a Land rover called 'Dorris'  The last time Andy saw them they were travelling at 70 miles an hour in the pouring rain through Ethiopia. Andy tried to catch up to them but they were just to Quick...He wishes them well and hopes they are going to meet there Target time. The lads are doing the Journey to support CAMERA. to read about the lads and CAMERA go

Andy with The Lads


Andy also met Chrisanthi & Steve in Aswan. They are 'retired' Journalists from Oz. They are Travelling through africa in search of good will Stories. Andy Spoke of them very Fondly & they still keep in touch!
you can follow there blog on

He has mentioned that he was lucky to have met Chris & Elayne Clash who have been on the road 4 years with 'Victor' which is their home made 'Buggy' currently listed as the most travelled home made buggy in the Guinness book of can read more about them at



Rupert & Fanny met Andy in Nairobi. They are doing an Expedition from Africa to China to help 2 Charites. you can Read all about their adventures at  and if you can support them!


Andy met Mzungu Eriki 200km from Arusha in Tanzania. Mzunga was kind enough to write in a let us know that he has seen Andrew on his Travels! To read Mzungu Eriki's blog go to  He has mentioned a little bit about Andy.