Sunday, 20 November 2011


Remembrance day was a Highlight for Andy as he knew he had finally made it!  He was also able to pay his respects to the Heroes on the top of Spionkop that day! To read the Newspaper reports log on to[_id]=71680

Andy was Gutted that he didn't get around to visiting Sani Pass but over the moon when Mack & Ashni visited him at spionkop Lodge!

Since then he has Bid farewell to Lynette & Raymond at Spionkop Lodge. He hopes to see them again in the not so distant Future. If you are in the Area call in and stay a couple of days! then you will see why Andy is so drawn to the place! Andy would like to send Spionkop Lodge a plaque from the ROYAL GREEN JACKETS.

Andy returned to Johannesburg on Monday evening to stay with good friends. He has spent the last couple of days working along side Alex Riddell . Brain Dawson was also kind enough to  send us Photo's after spending a  night with Andy.

Over the last few weeks Andy has looked back on all the people that have crossed his path, He has felt so overwhelmed with the friendships and generosity he has been lucky to experience. Even when you look back at the political climates Andy has travelled through. An Angel of some description has looked over him and guided his travel!

Andy is One of life's rough Diamonds! If you have crossed his path you will know what we mean! Even if your meeting has been brief, the man will leave a lasting impression!

As those here in England count the days down to his return I am sure there are many back in South Africa sorry to see him leave.

To follow Andy's itchy feet into the next Adventure , keep dropping in as the details will unfold shortly. Until then keep sending your us your photo's!!

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Andrew has arrived a Spionkop Lodge!

We will be following Andrews story  through Remembrance day and until he arrives back  Home to the UK.
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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Well wishes from The Dome Riders!

We received this Message from Yvonne and sakkie this evening:

Hi Andy,

Your days is counting down in south Africa
Well we are the bikers that you met at the rhino rally in harrismith
We are the people from the dome riders in parys
This is just to send you your picture
All the dome riders send their greetings.we have a few more pictures of you .
For us boertjies ...was it a pleasant thing to meet you
Thanks for what you did and you did make a great inpact on us.
May god be with you all the time!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Clarens the jewel of the Eastern Free State

Andrew spent the last weekend in a place called Clarens, which can be found in the Eastern side of the Orange Free State in South Africa. Andy is now on the Approach to Spionkop Lodge! Keep checking for more details as He Nears the end of his Epic Journey to Salute the Hero's on Remembrance day!
The village of Clarens is situated in the foothills of the Maluti Mountains in close proximity to the Golden Gate National Park and the mountain kingdom of Lesotho.
It is known as the Jewel of the eastern Free State because it is Rich in Beauty while offering sheer Peace & Tranquillity!
While Andrew was there He was introduced to the Well Known & Loved Artist 'Enslin Voster' .
Enslin Vorster paints in the traditional manner revealing the South African landscape in a way that people immediately respond to. This would explain why he Chose Clarens as his Home.

After hearing about the wolf sanctuary Enslin has offered to do a painting to raise money for Romi, which is incredibly generous! Andrew is in complete awe & was stunned for words at Enslin Fosters Gesture. If you would like to learn more about Enslin Voster, you can at
If you ever get the chance to visit Clarens, Please visit The Enslin Voster Gallery!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Andrew at Romi

Andy has spent the last couple of days visiting  The Husky Romi Rescue & Wolf Sanctuary, Thanks to Larry & Thea , Andrew is having the time of his life helping out with the dog's!

Husky Romi is a non-profit organization providing a safe haven for abandoned and abused huskies and wolves in South Africa. They provide a home to huskies and wolves that can't be kept as pets, because of their complicated nature. Many of the animals arrive in poor condition, some not even knowing what grass is, and are rehabilitated with loving care by Larry Paul and his team of helpers and volunteers. This group was started to provide support to the Husky Romi project and to promote the protection of wolves and other wildlife. The sanctuary is open for the public to come and learn about wolves, entry is free, but they appreciate donations for the buying of food and for veterinary bills. All the huskies are spayed and neutered when they arrive at Husky Romi.  They currently provide a home for twenty Huskies and one hundred and four Timber wolves.

Husky Romi encourages people to come to the sanctuary in Reitz, South Africa for a visit.  The wolves range in age from puppies to eighteen years old.  Under the watchful eye of Larry, visitors can view the camps to meet and pet the ancestor to all breeds of dogs. The Huskies on the farm love visitors and start “calling” at the moment of arrival at wolf camp.  Husky Romi also offers camping facilities giving visitors the opportunity to lie back and listen to the howling that continues throughout the night. ( Now we know why Andy feels so at home!)

You follow them on Facebook :

To donate to HuskiRomi securely online:

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


After a couple of brief messages from Andy we can tell you his last couple of days have been full of adventure out in the wilderness! He asked us to extend his Gratitude to Villom's wife who gave Andy a brand new tent. The one he had didn't stand up to the stormy weather over the weekend. Andrew sends a great big Thank you to you!

Yesterday Andy had a close call with a 'Rinkhals' (Snake) for those of you who aren't familiar with the name-
The Rinkhals look fairly similar to the Cobras but has keeled scales and only has a single species in the Genus.
 The hole in the fangs are  not at the tip of the teeth as with the Cobras but has a canal that ends in an elbow that projects the poison up and forward. Venom in the eyes can be very painful and cause blurred vision and the eyes should be washed with water or milk

Fortunately The snake struck and MISSED!  Andy did hurt his back a little dodging the strike! He said it would be another story he would take with him and share with others .

Kenn Slater also met Andrew over the weekend at the Rhino Bike Rally and was kind enough to send this picture to us!