Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Message from Ethiopia

Hi everyone I am alive and well, and in Awassa (Ethiopia).I saw the Irish lady go by at 70 mph Sunday in a rain storm. The going got hard going the last week or so ,but the kindness of the people of Ethiopia ,Mary & mefekir have kept me smiling ,I've new boots today and plan to head for Kenya in the next few days where my mobile phone will work.Good wishes to all Andy....... 

Friday, 22 July 2011

'Bear' with me...

For those of you out there that want to support Andy on his Epic Journey but can't afford to give a lot..now is  your chance to make a big difference.

This Cheeky little Royal Green Jackets Regimental Bear is up for Raffle.
If you would like to introduce this Raffle to your work colleagues, Social club, Local shop or Just to your Family & Friends.

Please contact me,
I will send you a Raffle sheet, either by email or post!

Each sheet will have Numbers 1-30
 People can choose Any Number on the sheet for £1
There are 26 sheets available labeled from A to Z 

Once your sheet is full deposit the Raffle Money into one of the many charities on Andy's Website.
Then forward the sheet back to us.

When Andy Returns He will draw the winning Sheet & Number!

Thanks for all your support & we look forward to hearing from you! 

Thursday, 21 July 2011

The Elves & the Shoe Takers!

All jokes aside, Andy Had his shoes, socks & Kit stolen last night while he was asleep. He has reported that there was no malice in the theft. Someone just saw a golden opportunity and took it!

So with the rainy season well and truly set in I am sure it's not just Andy's spirits that have been left a little dampened right now. While he Travels Barefoot to his next Destination , please try and remember why Andy is doing this Trip!

He wants to raise as much money for Help the Hero's the Royal Green Jackets and his other nominated charities. You can help him! Tell a friend about what Andy is doing! Donate a pound! Contact us for a sponsor form!

you can also read about Andy at  http://www.itbeganinafrica.com/inspiring-blog/altruism-v-africa Thanks to Steve for posting this Fantastic Article! (Thanks for the great photo! It captures Andy's true spirit!)

Sunday, 17 July 2011


Andy has said good bye to Chrisanthi & Steve, having made his way to Khartoum , where he is currently having to sign in at the local police station daily. All overlanders are required to do this while visiting Sudan. So with a bit of luck he may meet up with Chrisy & Ste again.

He was also stopped by the police for wearing shorts and a vest top on a Friday. Luckily the police understood Andy's situation.when he explained that he was travelling by bicycle and that he had managed to wash his other clothes but they were not dry as yet. The Police let him off with a caution.

On the way to Khartoum Andy managed to grab a tow  by holding on  to a truck , then catching the bus..which broke down in the desert a short time after. He got the chance to admire a heard of over a hundred camels which he could only describe as FANTASTIC!

Andy was unfortunate enough to experience his 4th tyre puncture. Not to mention the Youth Hostel being fully booked up when reaching Khartoum. However Andy has managed to sort something out and with a wing and a prayer..things are going to plan.

Friday, 15 July 2011


Andy is in  Dongola. On route from Wadi Halfa to Khartoum.  Enjoying the Nubian life in all its glory!  Dongola is famous for it's palm groves and is full of character!

Monday, 11 July 2011

News Travel's Fast

Andy is spending his last few days in Aswan as he prepares to continue his trip South.

He has spent most of his time seeing the sites with a visit to Abu Simbal (Pictured) He even embarked on a trip on a felucca at sunset. He would have braved a swim if it wasn't for the strong current but he settled for a toe dip!

Now fully stocked with Sardine & Pasta, Andrew is Packing & repacking his equipment taking great care that the bike is weighted correctly for the Journey ahead. He is that Meticulous that he has even taken to cutting the backs off his maps and hoods of Jackets! Anything not required will be staying put in Aswan.

Andy also Mentioned that he had met a group of Irish Lads travelling to cape town by Land rover. you can check their site out on http://www.endaafrica.com/ as they are also doing the journey for a very good cause.
He said this evening that he was very proud to have met them as they are the true spirit of travel and adventure! He also wishes them well on their journey! So to 'Rambutan', 'Red', 'Jack' & 'FNG' go well & make sure you get your share of Biltong when you reach Sunny South Africa!


These pictures were sent this evening from Aswan. Thank you so much Johnny for sending them! Andy is looking good! 

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Valley of the Kings

After a gruesome few days on the road Andy has reached the 'Valley of the Kings'. Although he can't feel anything in his fingers and he is chaffed in place's he would rather not mention , he is in extremely good Spirits! He is spending today resting and replenishing his body with much needed fluids and food. He also mentioned he would be attempting to trade some flea's for a couple of white T-shirts! We Wish him the best of luck!

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Cairo to Luxor

Andy is 2 days in on his travels from Cairo to Luxor. Due to  high Winds he is having early starts and is pushing himself. These are some of the sights he may be seeing over the next few days.