Thursday, 21 July 2011

The Elves & the Shoe Takers!

All jokes aside, Andy Had his shoes, socks & Kit stolen last night while he was asleep. He has reported that there was no malice in the theft. Someone just saw a golden opportunity and took it!

So with the rainy season well and truly set in I am sure it's not just Andy's spirits that have been left a little dampened right now. While he Travels Barefoot to his next Destination , please try and remember why Andy is doing this Trip!

He wants to raise as much money for Help the Hero's the Royal Green Jackets and his other nominated charities. You can help him! Tell a friend about what Andy is doing! Donate a pound! Contact us for a sponsor form!

you can also read about Andy at Thanks to Steve for posting this Fantastic Article! (Thanks for the great photo! It captures Andy's true spirit!)

1 comment:

  1. Damn those shoe thieving elves! Hope you've managed to get replacements :-)
    Keep safe and hope you manage to squeeze your kit into your tent next time!
    Paula x