Since we started preparing for Andy's kop2kop trip it has become more and more apparent that there are so many good people out there.

So We have dedicated this page to say thanks to all those special people out there that have contributed to this trip & to all those  that have helped Andy along his journey!

Thanks to....

Pablo Rodriguez   for the initial set up of the kop2kop blog site. We couldn't have done it without you  & Andy hopes he gets to meet you on his return.

Upgrade bikes   and Kinesis  along with OT Cycles in Kent. These are the companies that Got Andy his Bike at the reduced Rate. (Andy mentions daily how much he loves his bike and how well it has performed)

Rob Johnston at who Donated specially Printed High Visibility T-shirts for Andy to wear on the road

Paul Glascott & Nick Berry at go outdoors in Wigan  for helping Andy get His kit ready before the trip.

Andy's Mum - Joan Norris, who has spent many hours Writing to friends & family telling them about Andy's Fundraising,
Also to all those who have donated as a result of these wonderful letters Joan has been writing.

Gareth Dixon & Ray Gerrard  from the Royal Green Jackets Association for the continued support & assistance.

Lieutenant Phillip Aindow from the Preston Barracks for his interest and support in Andy's trip and current Projects.

James Menzies for putting continual donations into Andy's causes with this message-
'This comes with best wishes from your friend in Leatherhead Ian Smith who kindly fixes things for me (James Menzies)and refuses to accept any payment for his help'. Thanks to Ian for doing the repairs!

Ian & Paula Smith for your Continual support and donations.

Trever Lunness for your continual support and donations.

Graham from Sheen who sent Andy's English phone Back to me with  pictures.

Everyone who is helping with our  Raffles

Colin Drew, Shane Crowhurst & Fiona Lyons from the Royal British Legion.