Saturday, 22 March 2014

New challenge

Andy is about to embark on a new challenge. if you would like to follow his experience you can here:

Sunday, 11 November 2012

'Andrew Norris. Where on Earth are you now?'

If you would like to read what Andrew is getting up to these days in the U.S.A- visit  'Andrew Norris. Where on Earth are you now?' on FACEBOOK. If you meet Andrew on his Travels feel free to post comments or pictures.

This is Andrew Visiting the 'Wheels through time Museum'.The Wheels through time Museum is home of the world's premier collection of rare american Vintage Motorcycles. Located 5 Miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway, In Beautiful Maggie Valley , NC.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Watch Out Russia- Here comes RockTWOROCK

This is it- The launch of the Next adventure.

This time Andy accompanied by his good friend Carl will be leaving the UK following on to Europe, through Mongolia, Russia, Kiev and on to the USA by motorbike! There is no Right or Wrong way to do this Trip- Just Their way!!! As you know there is always a mention of Charity somewhere! This time Both Andy and Carl have decided to support a young Girl in the UK that needs an operation that can only be performed in the states but I will let Martin fill you in on all the details.

Unfortunately as personal commitment  stretches me this year, I am unable to write their Blog while they are on  route but Andy and Carl found a man who can! So feel free to have a good look around the new Blog  covering all the stories and gossip as the boys embark on there Epic Motorbike Ride. I am sure Martin will introduce himself and fill you in on all the news and views.

Adventure is out there...Good Luck Boys!

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Home Bitter Sweet Home

Andy arrived back home to the U.K. just over a week ago now. It truly Has been 'home bitter sweet home'.

As Andy has had to get used to the cold bitter wet Manchester weather again while he wears a glowing tan that only a man travelling through Africa for the last 6 months can! All his friends and family have been over joyed by his return.Not to mention the end of such a great achievement.

Andy has expressed the Love he has for Africa and has mentioned all the many people that helped him along the way and showed him such great kindness.He feels he has grown as a person and evolved.  He has also said that his feet are itching to return to South Africa soon!

Last Saturday evening Andrew attended a Royal Green Jackets formal dinner, Where he was formally congratulated for his great efforts in raising  money for the soldiers Charity's. Andy has asked me to extend a great big thank you to ALL OF YOU for all your support and donations/Sponsorship.

We are currently waiting for the return of the final raffle sheets in order for Andrew to draw the winning number for the Royal Green Jackets Teddy Bear. We will also post the person with the closest mileage in due course.

Over the run up to Christmas, We will also be posting new photo's and adding captions and details from Andrew himself-So keep checking. If you have Any photo's of Andy please send them to us at

Sunday, 20 November 2011


Remembrance day was a Highlight for Andy as he knew he had finally made it!  He was also able to pay his respects to the Heroes on the top of Spionkop that day! To read the Newspaper reports log on to[_id]=71680

Andy was Gutted that he didn't get around to visiting Sani Pass but over the moon when Mack & Ashni visited him at spionkop Lodge!

Since then he has Bid farewell to Lynette & Raymond at Spionkop Lodge. He hopes to see them again in the not so distant Future. If you are in the Area call in and stay a couple of days! then you will see why Andy is so drawn to the place! Andy would like to send Spionkop Lodge a plaque from the ROYAL GREEN JACKETS.

Andy returned to Johannesburg on Monday evening to stay with good friends. He has spent the last couple of days working along side Alex Riddell . Brain Dawson was also kind enough to  send us Photo's after spending a  night with Andy.

Over the last few weeks Andy has looked back on all the people that have crossed his path, He has felt so overwhelmed with the friendships and generosity he has been lucky to experience. Even when you look back at the political climates Andy has travelled through. An Angel of some description has looked over him and guided his travel!

Andy is One of life's rough Diamonds! If you have crossed his path you will know what we mean! Even if your meeting has been brief, the man will leave a lasting impression!

As those here in England count the days down to his return I am sure there are many back in South Africa sorry to see him leave.

To follow Andy's itchy feet into the next Adventure , keep dropping in as the details will unfold shortly. Until then keep sending your us your photo's!!

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Andrew has arrived a Spionkop Lodge!

We will be following Andrews story  through Remembrance day and until he arrives back  Home to the UK.
If you have anything you would like to add to Andrews Blog - Please get in touch

If you would like to sponsor Andy there is still time!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Well wishes from The Dome Riders!

We received this Message from Yvonne and sakkie this evening:

Hi Andy,

Your days is counting down in south Africa
Well we are the bikers that you met at the rhino rally in harrismith
We are the people from the dome riders in parys
This is just to send you your picture
All the dome riders send their greetings.we have a few more pictures of you .
For us boertjies ...was it a pleasant thing to meet you
Thanks for what you did and you did make a great inpact on us.
May god be with you all the time!