Saturday, 3 December 2011

Home Bitter Sweet Home

Andy arrived back home to the U.K. just over a week ago now. It truly Has been 'home bitter sweet home'.

As Andy has had to get used to the cold bitter wet Manchester weather again while he wears a glowing tan that only a man travelling through Africa for the last 6 months can! All his friends and family have been over joyed by his return.Not to mention the end of such a great achievement.

Andy has expressed the Love he has for Africa and has mentioned all the many people that helped him along the way and showed him such great kindness.He feels he has grown as a person and evolved.  He has also said that his feet are itching to return to South Africa soon!

Last Saturday evening Andrew attended a Royal Green Jackets formal dinner, Where he was formally congratulated for his great efforts in raising  money for the soldiers Charity's. Andy has asked me to extend a great big thank you to ALL OF YOU for all your support and donations/Sponsorship.

We are currently waiting for the return of the final raffle sheets in order for Andrew to draw the winning number for the Royal Green Jackets Teddy Bear. We will also post the person with the closest mileage in due course.

Over the run up to Christmas, We will also be posting new photo's and adding captions and details from Andrew himself-So keep checking. If you have Any photo's of Andy please send them to us at

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