Wednesday, 31 August 2011

A Call From Iringa

Andrew called me briefly today. He didn't want anyone to be worried and asked me to let everyone know that he is safe and well. He has NO SIGNAL on his phone. Someone was kind enough to let him make the call from a landline.

He has had a rough but enjoyable couple of days as it has been a steep climb. He likened the terrain to something the Flintstones are used with potholes and creators all over the place. He said the bike stood up to it very well. Although nurmerous punctures along the way. His Luggage is falling apart but with a little tlc and a needle & thread-they will be just fine.

He sends love & good wishes to EVERYONE back at home.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Andy's short cut from Dodoma to Iringa

Word was received today from Malcolm in Dodoma to say that he met Andy on Saturday.He mentioned that Andy  looked Good and seemed to be in very good health.  After sharing a long conversation Andy hit the dirt track again to begin the climb to Iringa. (Ironic really has Iringa is downhill from Dodoma.) Andy decided to take a short cut straight across the mountains. This may seem an outrageous thing to do but in essence it will have shaved 4 days off the journey and nearly 400km. 

He has made the necessary adjustments to his load to ensure the bike does well on the journey. Andy has been eating well with dishes like Spaghetti & Potatoes,Rice, Beans & Meat as a treat from time to time. He washes this down with a litre of Tea (Chi) .

Andy will be travelling in and among Game reserves and National Parks along his journey through Tanzania. He will also be travelling near Mtera Reservoir/Dam.
Mtera Reservoir from the air
Mtera Dam is the biggest hydroelectric dam in Tanzania. It measures 660 square kilometers at full capacity. The lake is 56 km long, and 15 km width, and is feed by the Great Ruaha River and the Kisigo River. It was built from 1975 to 1979 for the purpose of regulating water level at the downstream at the Ruaha installed Kidatu Hydro-electric Dam. Its capacity is 80 MW.

Can you picture what Andy's nights Camping out under the African skies must be like? As the sun begins to fall and the light goes dim.. The sound of crickets and insects singing like  park swings swaying back and forth through  the night. The cheeky Laughter & calls of  Hyenas bouncing off the mountain side..Perhaps the late night Roars of Lion Passing near by... Is you head under the Blanket yet?  Mine sure is!

Let us know if you see Andy! We would love to hear from you!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A letter from Jean-Christophe Knoertzer

Andrew told me he met a wonderful Man in Kenya as he was leaving so it was no surprise when I found this on the kop2 kop Cause page on face book a moment ago:

A message to the whole Liverpool-Ladysmith project, from my father Jean-Christophe :)

On Sunday august the 14th 2011, in the middle of nowhere, 50 kms south west of Nairobi, near the Athi River plains, driving my Defender with a mountain bike in it, I was hoping to find some trails and explore them. A moving dark dot appeared ahead of me, becoming more and more precise, happening to be a European face, long hair, black clothes, biking in my direction, loaded with bags. I stopped, h...e stopped and we started one of the most wonderful discussions I ever had! Sharing bananas, water, croissant leftover, goat cheese and bread on the Defender's hood, Andrew Norris told me about his bike trip from Liverpool to Ladysmith, about the charity support he wants to provide by doing this, about his view of the world (the worldwide financial crisis does not seem that important when you bike across Africa with a piece of bread in your pocket and a bottle of water on your bike :-))

 He told me about the fantastic people he is meeting along the way, about Nathalie helping him from the UK, about George (working in the same company/multinational as I), about the car in Nairobi who hit him and sent him on the ground, breaking his sun glasses, his bike shoes that have been stolen, about his son following his progress in the African continent, about family and friends And...rew has all over the world.
I asked Andrew if there was anything I could give/do to help; "not much" he said "your name + email on a piece of paper would be great". I looked for a pen in my car...none....Andrew, who travelled with the bare minimum had one....he gave it to me as a souvenir that I will keep preciously. Andrew gave me the name of his website kop 2 kop. After one hour, we had to say bye; very moving moment actually for both of us; Andrew biking south towards Tanzania, myself driving north back to Nairobi.

Andrew is a fantastic person who is living a wonderful adventure. I know of a lot of people who dream to hit the road and explore the world. Andrew is doing it now. To say that it is an easy ride...I would not; I believe it must be hard sometimes: lonely, scary, hungry, disturbing, thirsty, tiring...but then magical things happen: encounters, scenery's, helping hands, positive thinking…
And...rew: it was magical to meet you south of Nairobi. What you are doing is great. I am and will keep thinking about of you on your bike in Africa: I wish you plenty more of great moments and success in your adventure. Keep in touch.
I am not on facebook, so this message will be posted by my daughter. I’d like to contact Nathalie to do something for the charity project and also to keep in touch with Andrew now and in the future.

Jean-Christophe Knoertzer

Thank you so much for posting this message for us Manon! It means so much x 


Andy has been riding through Tanzania. As always making friends along the way! If you read the comment posted below our 'Tanzania' entry you will see that Andy met up with Mzungu Eriki who was kind enough to write in and let us know that he has met Andy on his travels. Andy also Rode with a Man by the Name of Lucus who used to race Bicycles. You can read a little more about Lucus by clicking this link: 

I am sure Between Mzunga & Lucus they put Andy through his paces by getting the circulation well and truly pumping up the hills to Babati. Mzunga Eriki & Andy stayed in Babati at the same guest house for a night.

Babati is located along the Arusha-Dodoma road in the Rift Valley, south of lake Manyara National Park

The town boasts Lake Babati where floating hippos can be seen and which is rich in fish, both tilapia and Nile perch. Here In Hanang District close by the beautiful Mount Hanang (3418m), live the Barbaig people whose traditional culture is still unchanged and unspoiled. The women wear traditional goatskin dresses and the men walk around with spears.

As Andy Travels on he is growing increasingly aware of the fact that he needs to shed some luggage in order for the bicycle to cope with the challenging  off road journey that lies ahead.

Monday, 15 August 2011


Andy has done an amazing 180km in half a day over hilly ground and arrived in Tanzania. Considering the strong head winds he has experienced today- It would seem he has been itching to get some miles under his belt.

This evening he said that he feels over dosed with peoples kindness. After learning of an extremely large donation Received today by one person alone, he was left speechless (To Make Andy Speechless takes some doing!)
He thanks you so very much for your generosity and kindness. The Soldiers charities salute you!

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Looking Ahead..

Andy Left Jungle Junction today. He spoke of  today being one of the most emotional days of the trip so far. He has met so Many kind & special people. He hopes to see them again in the future.

Andy Stopped outside the Karen Blixen museum today (If you want to find out more about Karen Blixen, please feel free to look in our history page). This was another thing that Andy mentioned he wanted to do. Although he didn't look around the museum as it was a luxury he couldn't afford considering the strict budget he is on- but to stand outside and imagine what things were like when she was living there..was enough to satisfy Andy. He said it was just like he imagined it..awesome!

Along Andrew's journey today he recalled meeting a very generous Japanese Journalist & a french Gentleman by the name of Juan. Tonight he will rest his head in affordable accommodation, while his tent Dries from the heavy rains.

Last night was his last chance to light the Fire at Jungle J , Unfortunately it rained heavily..and this made things very difficult. He managed it though but apologises for the use of Derv(Petrol/diesel) Don't try this at home!  Sometimes these things need to be done.

I bet Jungle Junction will be very Different without Andy tonight.

Karen Blixen Grave

Karen Blixen Museum

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Jungle Junction


Andy has spent the last 3 days at Jungle Junction in Niarobi. He has described it as his idea of Heaven.  The day Andy Arrived - he reported that there were over 30 overlanders (Travellers/guests/Backpackers) with Trucks,bikes & other vehicles. He really was in his element. He was also pleased to meet up with Humph & Jim on their BMW 650 XI that he met back in Aswan.

It has been reported that Andy has taken charge of the camp fire over the last 3 nights & stood around it sharing steak, wine and exchanging stories with other till the early hours.

He has mentioned that he was lucky to have met Chris & Elayne Clash who have been on the road 4 years with 'Victor' which is their home made 'Buggy' currently listed as the most travelled home made buggy in the Guinness book of can read more about them at  


Rob & Sarah, teachers from Tanzania which are currently at Jungle Junction were kind enough to contact me with some of Andy's photo's. Unfortunately it has taken more than one attempt as they have experienced some power cuts. (Power cuts can be a blessing in Africa as you can only truly appreciate a full moon & African skies from a blackend environment.) This morning I received  Pictures of Andy at Robert Baden Powell's Grave in Nyeri.


The burial place of Lord Robert Baden-Powell, a fighter in the Boer War and the founder of the Scouting movement, who once wrote "the nearer to Nyeri the nearer to bliss". He and his wife are buried in the town cemetery, along with legendary hunter/conservationist Jim Corbett,the author of Maneaters of Kumaon (1944) who also spent his final years in Kenya. Baden-Powell's Paxtu cottage, now a small museum, stands on the grounds of the Outspan Hotel.

Seeing lord Baden Powell's Grave meant a great deal to Andy because The man stood for everything Andy believes in. Andy then handed a  Neck Tie(which was donated by a local scout group back in Manchester) You can see a picture of the happy receivers in Nyeri hanging our neck tie up, which I am sure was another touching highlight for all.

Now that Andy has had time to fix his bike and relax his aching muscles, He has washed his clothes and is once again starting to pack for the road ahead.

Just a quick Thanks to Chris at Jungle Junction for his assistance and correspondence. If you would like to stay at JJ. contact Chris on  I am sure he would be happy to hear from you!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

'The Birmingham of Kenya'

Andy is in Thika this evening which is considered 'The Birmingham of Kenya'. Andy visited the Grave of his childhood Role model  Lord Baden Powell yesterday which can be found at the foot of Mount Kenya.

True to the wise words of warning in the lonely Planets Book to Africa and I quote 'You may encounter the odd antelope or zebra while cycling, but motorists are more of a threat to cyclists than rampaging wildlife! Cyclists lie just below donkeys on the transport food chain, so if you hear a vehicle coming up behind you be prepared to bail out onto the verges!'

This is exactly what Andy did today when a  Land Rover didn't bother stopping! Fortunately apart from his hands taking a battering he is OK. Although his luggage has taken a  battering as they saved his legs from injury and the bike is in need of some desperate repair!

Anyone fancy buying Andy a drink?-Press the Donate button now!

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Cpl Jay Allsopp & the guys from 39 Engineer Regt & Workshops

Andy is on the road again , after having not one but two hearty breakfast's with Cpl Jay Allsopp and the guys. They have helped him out & replenished his kit where they could! Once again Thanks for sending the photo's & news of Andy! All the Best to you all!

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Pictures..Louder than words!

Andy has sent these this evening. He is spending time with the British army lads in Nanyuki! He has had a hot meal & the first hot shower in ages!  A special Thanks to Jamie Allsopp and the Army lads that are taking such good care of Andy. It was heart warming  to receive these pictures this evening and to see how well Andy is looking!

Friday, 5 August 2011

Epic Trail to Kenya

Andy crossed the boarder into Kenya on Wednesday after a gruelling 18 hour journey on the top of a cattle Truck. Andy has said that he felt like he had cheated taking the ride. Considering the +300km 'road' was non existent but rocky terrain and that it would have taken him 9 days to do it carrying his bicycle as even a mountain bike would not stand up to the challenge. Ethiopia and Kenya are experiencing sever droughts and to make that sort of journey on his own would have been deadly. He reported seeing people on the side of the road that were so desperate for water they were drinking Mud.

Everything he has told me about the Ethiopians makes me realise- If you have nothing, you have got nothing to loose. Examples of this can be seen in all good and bad tales Andy as shared with me.

After he Shoes and kit were stolen Andy hit the road. The only shoes he had were a pair of 'flip flops' and in the mountain rain, these were no use as his feet were slipping more than peddling! He Purchased a pair of timberland's that were very highly priced. He said after that he felt like a Woman with big breasts , as people were failing to meet his eyes in conversation for looking at his new boots!

He spoke of the Kindness of many people, a church ministry who took a collection for him to buy food & water. Andy was so touched by the gesture he gave it back to them and told them to go and buy enough food & water for them all and that they would eat together.

He spoke highly of Merry and her kindness. When his spirits were low and his tummy was empty she looked after him. He also spoke of  people who helped acquire cheap accommodation and helped him wash his shirts. Also of another couple that bought him a meal. (keep in mind, Andy has been unable to obtain cash in Sudan & Ethiopia as cash machines in these countries will not accept his cards)

On the other hand he spoke of seeing children as young as 4 stood in fields playing with whips. That they didn't think twice to throw stones at him, whip him or push branches in his wheels to get him to stop and speak to them. Every time he did his ears rang out with the same chorus..Give me, Give me...

Andy is spending the next couple of days resting his battered and bruised body, fixing his bike from the bone rattling journey and enjoy the raw nature and wildlife of Africa at it's best. He is in good spirits and no doubt will be nursing a beer or 2.

He wishes you all well and thanks you all for your continued support & everlasting Friendships x


Monday, 1 August 2011


Andy is currently at Mega! Which is a town between Moyale & the Boarder of Kenya. He has found it hard going this week. He is still missing his Kit and Shoes..Although he has Travelled comfortably well in his new boots.

Lets Hope The weather is being kind to Andy! We were told that there has been Snow fall in Southern Africa over the last week. Thankfully Andy should reach S.A. as spring sets in.

Keep us posted if you see Andy on his travels! Don't forget to sponsor him if you can.
(Thanks to all of you who  continuously collect money for this cause!)

This is a picture of Mega Dam & The Road through Mega.