Saturday, 13 August 2011

Jungle Junction


Andy has spent the last 3 days at Jungle Junction in Niarobi. He has described it as his idea of Heaven.  The day Andy Arrived - he reported that there were over 30 overlanders (Travellers/guests/Backpackers) with Trucks,bikes & other vehicles. He really was in his element. He was also pleased to meet up with Humph & Jim on their BMW 650 XI that he met back in Aswan.

It has been reported that Andy has taken charge of the camp fire over the last 3 nights & stood around it sharing steak, wine and exchanging stories with other till the early hours.

He has mentioned that he was lucky to have met Chris & Elayne Clash who have been on the road 4 years with 'Victor' which is their home made 'Buggy' currently listed as the most travelled home made buggy in the Guinness book of can read more about them at  


Rob & Sarah, teachers from Tanzania which are currently at Jungle Junction were kind enough to contact me with some of Andy's photo's. Unfortunately it has taken more than one attempt as they have experienced some power cuts. (Power cuts can be a blessing in Africa as you can only truly appreciate a full moon & African skies from a blackend environment.) This morning I received  Pictures of Andy at Robert Baden Powell's Grave in Nyeri.


The burial place of Lord Robert Baden-Powell, a fighter in the Boer War and the founder of the Scouting movement, who once wrote "the nearer to Nyeri the nearer to bliss". He and his wife are buried in the town cemetery, along with legendary hunter/conservationist Jim Corbett,the author of Maneaters of Kumaon (1944) who also spent his final years in Kenya. Baden-Powell's Paxtu cottage, now a small museum, stands on the grounds of the Outspan Hotel.

Seeing lord Baden Powell's Grave meant a great deal to Andy because The man stood for everything Andy believes in. Andy then handed a  Neck Tie(which was donated by a local scout group back in Manchester) You can see a picture of the happy receivers in Nyeri hanging our neck tie up, which I am sure was another touching highlight for all.

Now that Andy has had time to fix his bike and relax his aching muscles, He has washed his clothes and is once again starting to pack for the road ahead.

Just a quick Thanks to Chris at Jungle Junction for his assistance and correspondence. If you would like to stay at JJ. contact Chris on  I am sure he would be happy to hear from you!

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