Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Andy has been riding through Tanzania. As always making friends along the way! If you read the comment posted below our 'Tanzania' entry you will see that Andy met up with Mzungu Eriki who was kind enough to write in and let us know that he has met Andy on his travels. Andy also Rode with a Man by the Name of Lucus who used to race Bicycles. You can read a little more about Lucus by clicking this link: 

I am sure Between Mzunga & Lucus they put Andy through his paces by getting the circulation well and truly pumping up the hills to Babati. Mzunga Eriki & Andy stayed in Babati at the same guest house for a night.

Babati is located along the Arusha-Dodoma road in the Rift Valley, south of lake Manyara National Park

The town boasts Lake Babati where floating hippos can be seen and which is rich in fish, both tilapia and Nile perch. Here In Hanang District close by the beautiful Mount Hanang (3418m), live the Barbaig people whose traditional culture is still unchanged and unspoiled. The women wear traditional goatskin dresses and the men walk around with spears.

As Andy Travels on he is growing increasingly aware of the fact that he needs to shed some luggage in order for the bicycle to cope with the challenging  off road journey that lies ahead.

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