Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A letter from Jean-Christophe Knoertzer

Andrew told me he met a wonderful Man in Kenya as he was leaving so it was no surprise when I found this on the kop2 kop Cause page on face book a moment ago:

A message to the whole Liverpool-Ladysmith project, from my father Jean-Christophe :)

On Sunday august the 14th 2011, in the middle of nowhere, 50 kms south west of Nairobi, near the Athi River plains, driving my Defender with a mountain bike in it, I was hoping to find some trails and explore them. A moving dark dot appeared ahead of me, becoming more and more precise, happening to be a European face, long hair, black clothes, biking in my direction, loaded with bags. I stopped, h...e stopped and we started one of the most wonderful discussions I ever had! Sharing bananas, water, croissant leftover, goat cheese and bread on the Defender's hood, Andrew Norris told me about his bike trip from Liverpool to Ladysmith, about the charity support he wants to provide by doing this, about his view of the world (the worldwide financial crisis does not seem that important when you bike across Africa with a piece of bread in your pocket and a bottle of water on your bike :-))

 He told me about the fantastic people he is meeting along the way, about Nathalie helping him from the UK, about George (working in the same company/multinational as I), about the car in Nairobi who hit him and sent him on the ground, breaking his sun glasses, his bike shoes that have been stolen, about his son following his progress in the African continent, about family and friends And...rew has all over the world.
I asked Andrew if there was anything I could give/do to help; "not much" he said "your name + email on a piece of paper would be great". I looked for a pen in my car...none....Andrew, who travelled with the bare minimum had one....he gave it to me as a souvenir that I will keep preciously. Andrew gave me the name of his website kop 2 kop. After one hour, we had to say bye; very moving moment actually for both of us; Andrew biking south towards Tanzania, myself driving north back to Nairobi.

Andrew is a fantastic person who is living a wonderful adventure. I know of a lot of people who dream to hit the road and explore the world. Andrew is doing it now. To say that it is an easy ride...I would not; I believe it must be hard sometimes: lonely, scary, hungry, disturbing, thirsty, tiring...but then magical things happen: encounters, scenery's, helping hands, positive thinking…
And...rew: it was magical to meet you south of Nairobi. What you are doing is great. I am and will keep thinking about of you on your bike in Africa: I wish you plenty more of great moments and success in your adventure. Keep in touch.
I am not on facebook, so this message will be posted by my daughter. I’d like to contact Nathalie to do something for the charity project and also to keep in touch with Andrew now and in the future.

Jean-Christophe Knoertzer

Thank you so much for posting this message for us Manon! It means so much x 

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