Friday, 5 August 2011

Epic Trail to Kenya

Andy crossed the boarder into Kenya on Wednesday after a gruelling 18 hour journey on the top of a cattle Truck. Andy has said that he felt like he had cheated taking the ride. Considering the +300km 'road' was non existent but rocky terrain and that it would have taken him 9 days to do it carrying his bicycle as even a mountain bike would not stand up to the challenge. Ethiopia and Kenya are experiencing sever droughts and to make that sort of journey on his own would have been deadly. He reported seeing people on the side of the road that were so desperate for water they were drinking Mud.

Everything he has told me about the Ethiopians makes me realise- If you have nothing, you have got nothing to loose. Examples of this can be seen in all good and bad tales Andy as shared with me.

After he Shoes and kit were stolen Andy hit the road. The only shoes he had were a pair of 'flip flops' and in the mountain rain, these were no use as his feet were slipping more than peddling! He Purchased a pair of timberland's that were very highly priced. He said after that he felt like a Woman with big breasts , as people were failing to meet his eyes in conversation for looking at his new boots!

He spoke of the Kindness of many people, a church ministry who took a collection for him to buy food & water. Andy was so touched by the gesture he gave it back to them and told them to go and buy enough food & water for them all and that they would eat together.

He spoke highly of Merry and her kindness. When his spirits were low and his tummy was empty she looked after him. He also spoke of  people who helped acquire cheap accommodation and helped him wash his shirts. Also of another couple that bought him a meal. (keep in mind, Andy has been unable to obtain cash in Sudan & Ethiopia as cash machines in these countries will not accept his cards)

On the other hand he spoke of seeing children as young as 4 stood in fields playing with whips. That they didn't think twice to throw stones at him, whip him or push branches in his wheels to get him to stop and speak to them. Every time he did his ears rang out with the same chorus..Give me, Give me...

Andy is spending the next couple of days resting his battered and bruised body, fixing his bike from the bone rattling journey and enjoy the raw nature and wildlife of Africa at it's best. He is in good spirits and no doubt will be nursing a beer or 2.

He wishes you all well and thanks you all for your continued support & everlasting Friendships x


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