Thursday, 29 September 2011

Bush, Bananas & Big Feet.

Andy has spent the last few days catching up with himself and feeding himself up for the next part of his journey. Gerty has once again had a good spit and polish, with her bits having been tweaked & repaired- perhaps when Andy reaches Spionkop in Ladysmith next month, we could consider changing her name to 'old faithful'. After so many thousands of kilometres she has carried Andy's tired body over dirt tracks & long simmering hot tarmac.

Andy is smack bang in the middle of the driest part of the year in the southern half of Africa. Even the Elephants are becoming  frustrated by the heat and lack of water. They have raided Andy's camp in the evenings in search of bananas from the tall shaded palm Trees.

He took a swim in 'The Hole' at the top of the Vic Falls, which must have been an experience that was truly awesome.Even in the dry season it was 10 m deep! A memory that will stay with Andy forever! I can only imagine a sheer feeling of freedom and awe as he peered down at the breathtaking view below him! A truly Humbling experience!  (perhaps something to add to the bucket list?)    

Monday, 26 September 2011

Gerty's Day Off!

Andrew is out of the saddle today for the first time in over 29 days! He is giving Gerty (His Bike) a well deserved rest! Having reached Livingstone safari Lodge just near Vic falls. you can Visit the web site: where you can read about manager  Tjisse Kamstra & what a unique and special place he is running!

Tjisse Kamstra manager at Livingstone Lodge

Andy has Travelled through Zambia during the election period  finding it to be peaceful although Andy has met some spirited locals on his travels.  He has also crossed many police check points along the way. While wild camping his main issues were with  monkeys and Dogs.

Poor Gerty has experienced more punctures than ever! No doubt- Andy has become a complete pro at puncture repairs!

If you have met Andrew on his travels and would like to share any Photo's or stories, feel free to email them to .

Monday, 19 September 2011

Say Cheese!

If you  have been following Andy's journey on the blog, cast your minds back to when Andy was in Aswan in Egypt- He met up with 'The Irish Lads' that were driving Dorris to the most southern tip of Africa to aid and support a Charity  Called 'CAMERA' To read more about Camera have a look at the Lads blog again - (Trust me , all will make sense shortly)

Now Andy has been on the road for nearly 10 straight days without a break! Partly to make up the mileage but mainly to get to a town where he can obtain some funds to replenish goods and have a well deserved rest. Along his way through Zambia He has lived off the kindness of strangers and thrown all caution to the wind. He reported that Zambians are the kindness people he has met on his travels so far, they are warm friendly and Giving.

He remembered that Red (one of the Irish lads ) had told him about a place in Zambia that the charity CAMERA was based at! So Andy called in on them!  A man by the name of  Francis sent me an email over the weekend explaining to me that Andy had visited also that he was  looking fit & well! He also Included these photo's!

Since then Andy has been in Contact, He mentioned that after leaving the Livingstone memorial he was taken in a looked after by a headmasters wife. That his close got a good wash, He managed to wash & was well fed! Gerty (His Bike) also got a well deserved oil!

Another gentleman called Clay has been in touch to say that he was able to meet my wonderful friend Andy while he was passing through Mkushi, Zambia on Thursday the 15th. He sends his regards. He also asked for the blog details so he could read more.

Over the next few days the elections are taking place. Andy has been strongly advised to stay out of the towns. Although the protests have been reported to be peaceful - He has already witnessed High Spirits brought on from the occasion.

News just in  tonight..Andy has reached his benchmark and will be taking a well deserved rest over the next few days! It's not to late for you to show your support..send Andy a message or make a donation! Don't leave it much longer ..before you know it , he will be on home ground again-planning the next journey!

Monday, 12 September 2011

Hakuna Matata!


Andy has been on the road 100 days now! As he approaches the Livingstone Memorial in Zambia.
 I can imagine a little boy sat in the back of Andrew's mind constantly nagging 'Are we there yet?'

Andy has had little money and relied heavily on the kindness of strangers. He has mentioned that he met up with some Lovely Peace aid workers (Rae Walker & company) on his travels over the weekend. That they advised him what to look out for on the Journey. He also said he met a wonderful peace corp Scott that gave him some High Protein food and pasta to last him until he reaches his destination.  


The further South Andy now travels the dryer the conditions will become with very little water. One of the basic elements we all seem to take for granted! Lets hope Africa gets some much needed rain and Andy's journey is made easier by the elements.

Andy Wishes everyone his best and Hakuna Matata!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Another Border

Autumn seems to have arrived Early in the UK over the last couple of days! It makes me wonder what sort of weather  Andy is experiencing as he passes another boarder! This time into Zambia.

He is now more than half way through the journey , Yet I am certain the Challenges are now going to hit Andy head on as he peddles on South.

If you see Andy and you are able to do anything for him..I urge you to present him with a puncture repair kit! Andy has had 22 punctures since may!

He has mentioned that he is striving to visit  the Livingstone memorial. The Livingstone Memorial was built in 1902 & marks the spot where missionary explorer David Livingstone died on 1 or 4 May 1873 in Chief Chitambo's village at Ilala near the edge of the Bangweulu Swamps in Zambia. His heart was buried there under a mpundu (also called mvula) tree by his loyal attendants Chuma, Suza Mniasere and Vchopere, before they departed for the coast carrying his body.In their party was an educated African named Jacob Wainwright who carved the inscription "LIVINGSTONE MAY 4 1873" and the names of the attendants on the tree.

Did you know the National Dish of Zambia is 'Nshima' which is a bland but filling Maize Porridge like substance. It's normally eaten with your hands and always accompanied by a 'relish', such as beans or vegetables..or chicken & fish if you are fortunate.

'Opaque' Beer is made from maize and is sold in Cardboard Cartons! If anyone Fancies buying Andy a the 'buy Andy  a Drink on the road now' button. - Just remember to remind him to shake the Carton before drinking!