Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Another Border

Autumn seems to have arrived Early in the UK over the last couple of days! It makes me wonder what sort of weather  Andy is experiencing as he passes another boarder! This time into Zambia.

He is now more than half way through the journey , Yet I am certain the Challenges are now going to hit Andy head on as he peddles on South.

If you see Andy and you are able to do anything for him..I urge you to present him with a puncture repair kit! Andy has had 22 punctures since may!

He has mentioned that he is striving to visit  the Livingstone memorial. The Livingstone Memorial was built in 1902 & marks the spot where missionary explorer David Livingstone died on 1 or 4 May 1873 in Chief Chitambo's village at Ilala near the edge of the Bangweulu Swamps in Zambia. His heart was buried there under a mpundu (also called mvula) tree by his loyal attendants Chuma, Suza Mniasere and Vchopere, before they departed for the coast carrying his body.In their party was an educated African named Jacob Wainwright who carved the inscription "LIVINGSTONE MAY 4 1873" and the names of the attendants on the tree.

Did you know the National Dish of Zambia is 'Nshima' which is a bland but filling Maize Porridge like substance. It's normally eaten with your hands and always accompanied by a 'relish', such as beans or vegetables..or chicken & fish if you are fortunate.

'Opaque' Beer is made from maize and is sold in Cardboard Cartons! If anyone Fancies buying Andy a round...press the 'buy Andy  a Drink on the road now' button. - Just remember to remind him to shake the Carton before drinking!

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