Thursday, 29 September 2011

Bush, Bananas & Big Feet.

Andy has spent the last few days catching up with himself and feeding himself up for the next part of his journey. Gerty has once again had a good spit and polish, with her bits having been tweaked & repaired- perhaps when Andy reaches Spionkop in Ladysmith next month, we could consider changing her name to 'old faithful'. After so many thousands of kilometres she has carried Andy's tired body over dirt tracks & long simmering hot tarmac.

Andy is smack bang in the middle of the driest part of the year in the southern half of Africa. Even the Elephants are becoming  frustrated by the heat and lack of water. They have raided Andy's camp in the evenings in search of bananas from the tall shaded palm Trees.

He took a swim in 'The Hole' at the top of the Vic Falls, which must have been an experience that was truly awesome.Even in the dry season it was 10 m deep! A memory that will stay with Andy forever! I can only imagine a sheer feeling of freedom and awe as he peered down at the breathtaking view below him! A truly Humbling experience!  (perhaps something to add to the bucket list?)    

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