Monday, 26 September 2011

Gerty's Day Off!

Andrew is out of the saddle today for the first time in over 29 days! He is giving Gerty (His Bike) a well deserved rest! Having reached Livingstone safari Lodge just near Vic falls. you can Visit the web site: where you can read about manager  Tjisse Kamstra & what a unique and special place he is running!

Tjisse Kamstra manager at Livingstone Lodge

Andy has Travelled through Zambia during the election period  finding it to be peaceful although Andy has met some spirited locals on his travels.  He has also crossed many police check points along the way. While wild camping his main issues were with  monkeys and Dogs.

Poor Gerty has experienced more punctures than ever! No doubt- Andy has become a complete pro at puncture repairs!

If you have met Andrew on his travels and would like to share any Photo's or stories, feel free to email them to .

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