Monday, 19 September 2011

Say Cheese!

If you  have been following Andy's journey on the blog, cast your minds back to when Andy was in Aswan in Egypt- He met up with 'The Irish Lads' that were driving Dorris to the most southern tip of Africa to aid and support a Charity  Called 'CAMERA' To read more about Camera have a look at the Lads blog again - (Trust me , all will make sense shortly)

Now Andy has been on the road for nearly 10 straight days without a break! Partly to make up the mileage but mainly to get to a town where he can obtain some funds to replenish goods and have a well deserved rest. Along his way through Zambia He has lived off the kindness of strangers and thrown all caution to the wind. He reported that Zambians are the kindness people he has met on his travels so far, they are warm friendly and Giving.

He remembered that Red (one of the Irish lads ) had told him about a place in Zambia that the charity CAMERA was based at! So Andy called in on them!  A man by the name of  Francis sent me an email over the weekend explaining to me that Andy had visited also that he was  looking fit & well! He also Included these photo's!

Since then Andy has been in Contact, He mentioned that after leaving the Livingstone memorial he was taken in a looked after by a headmasters wife. That his close got a good wash, He managed to wash & was well fed! Gerty (His Bike) also got a well deserved oil!

Another gentleman called Clay has been in touch to say that he was able to meet my wonderful friend Andy while he was passing through Mkushi, Zambia on Thursday the 15th. He sends his regards. He also asked for the blog details so he could read more.

Over the next few days the elections are taking place. Andy has been strongly advised to stay out of the towns. Although the protests have been reported to be peaceful - He has already witnessed High Spirits brought on from the occasion.

News just in  tonight..Andy has reached his benchmark and will be taking a well deserved rest over the next few days! It's not to late for you to show your support..send Andy a message or make a donation! Don't leave it much longer ..before you know it , he will be on home ground again-planning the next journey!

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