Monday, 12 September 2011

Hakuna Matata!


Andy has been on the road 100 days now! As he approaches the Livingstone Memorial in Zambia.
 I can imagine a little boy sat in the back of Andrew's mind constantly nagging 'Are we there yet?'

Andy has had little money and relied heavily on the kindness of strangers. He has mentioned that he met up with some Lovely Peace aid workers (Rae Walker & company) on his travels over the weekend. That they advised him what to look out for on the Journey. He also said he met a wonderful peace corp Scott that gave him some High Protein food and pasta to last him until he reaches his destination.  


The further South Andy now travels the dryer the conditions will become with very little water. One of the basic elements we all seem to take for granted! Lets hope Africa gets some much needed rain and Andy's journey is made easier by the elements.

Andy Wishes everyone his best and Hakuna Matata!

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