Tuesday, 9 August 2011

'The Birmingham of Kenya'

Andy is in Thika this evening which is considered 'The Birmingham of Kenya'. Andy visited the Grave of his childhood Role model  Lord Baden Powell yesterday which can be found at the foot of Mount Kenya.

True to the wise words of warning in the lonely Planets Book to Africa and I quote 'You may encounter the odd antelope or zebra while cycling, but motorists are more of a threat to cyclists than rampaging wildlife! Cyclists lie just below donkeys on the transport food chain, so if you hear a vehicle coming up behind you be prepared to bail out onto the verges!'

This is exactly what Andy did today when a  Land Rover didn't bother stopping! Fortunately apart from his hands taking a battering he is OK. Although his luggage has taken a  battering as they saved his legs from injury and the bike is in need of some desperate repair!

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