Sunday, 14 August 2011

Looking Ahead..

Andy Left Jungle Junction today. He spoke of  today being one of the most emotional days of the trip so far. He has met so Many kind & special people. He hopes to see them again in the future.

Andy Stopped outside the Karen Blixen museum today (If you want to find out more about Karen Blixen, please feel free to look in our history page). This was another thing that Andy mentioned he wanted to do. Although he didn't look around the museum as it was a luxury he couldn't afford considering the strict budget he is on- but to stand outside and imagine what things were like when she was living there..was enough to satisfy Andy. He said it was just like he imagined it..awesome!

Along Andrew's journey today he recalled meeting a very generous Japanese Journalist & a french Gentleman by the name of Juan. Tonight he will rest his head in affordable accommodation, while his tent Dries from the heavy rains.

Last night was his last chance to light the Fire at Jungle J , Unfortunately it rained heavily..and this made things very difficult. He managed it though but apologises for the use of Derv(Petrol/diesel) Don't try this at home!  Sometimes these things need to be done.

I bet Jungle Junction will be very Different without Andy tonight.

Karen Blixen Grave

Karen Blixen Museum

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