Friday, 22 July 2011

'Bear' with me...

For those of you out there that want to support Andy on his Epic Journey but can't afford to give a is  your chance to make a big difference.

This Cheeky little Royal Green Jackets Regimental Bear is up for Raffle.
If you would like to introduce this Raffle to your work colleagues, Social club, Local shop or Just to your Family & Friends.

Please contact me,
I will send you a Raffle sheet, either by email or post!

Each sheet will have Numbers 1-30
 People can choose Any Number on the sheet for £1
There are 26 sheets available labeled from A to Z 

Once your sheet is full deposit the Raffle Money into one of the many charities on Andy's Website.
Then forward the sheet back to us.

When Andy Returns He will draw the winning Sheet & Number!

Thanks for all your support & we look forward to hearing from you! 

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