Sunday, 17 July 2011


Andy has said good bye to Chrisanthi & Steve, having made his way to Khartoum , where he is currently having to sign in at the local police station daily. All overlanders are required to do this while visiting Sudan. So with a bit of luck he may meet up with Chrisy & Ste again.

He was also stopped by the police for wearing shorts and a vest top on a Friday. Luckily the police understood Andy's situation.when he explained that he was travelling by bicycle and that he had managed to wash his other clothes but they were not dry as yet. The Police let him off with a caution.

On the way to Khartoum Andy managed to grab a tow  by holding on  to a truck , then catching the bus..which broke down in the desert a short time after. He got the chance to admire a heard of over a hundred camels which he could only describe as FANTASTIC!

Andy was unfortunate enough to experience his 4th tyre puncture. Not to mention the Youth Hostel being fully booked up when reaching Khartoum. However Andy has managed to sort something out and with a wing and a prayer..things are going to plan.

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  1. Are you sure you've not got a motorbike? Glad to hear you're still safe and sound and by the sounds of it pedalling like mad!
    Paula xx