Monday, 11 July 2011

News Travel's Fast

Andy is spending his last few days in Aswan as he prepares to continue his trip South.

He has spent most of his time seeing the sites with a visit to Abu Simbal (Pictured) He even embarked on a trip on a felucca at sunset. He would have braved a swim if it wasn't for the strong current but he settled for a toe dip!

Now fully stocked with Sardine & Pasta, Andrew is Packing & repacking his equipment taking great care that the bike is weighted correctly for the Journey ahead. He is that Meticulous that he has even taken to cutting the backs off his maps and hoods of Jackets! Anything not required will be staying put in Aswan.

Andy also Mentioned that he had met a group of Irish Lads travelling to cape town by Land rover. you can check their site out on as they are also doing the journey for a very good cause.
He said this evening that he was very proud to have met them as they are the true spirit of travel and adventure! He also wishes them well on their journey! So to 'Rambutan', 'Red', 'Jack' & 'FNG' go well & make sure you get your share of Biltong when you reach Sunny South Africa!

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  1. Pictures look great!! Wheres your tummy gone, wheres your tummy gone?( to the tune of Wheres your mumma gone)
    By the way, we've used the wedges at last, in Hartfield.
    Where are you going next?

    Take care abd have fun xxxxxxx Trolley & Mike