Tuesday, 1 November 2011


After a couple of brief messages from Andy we can tell you his last couple of days have been full of adventure out in the wilderness! He asked us to extend his Gratitude to Villom's wife who gave Andy a brand new tent. The one he had didn't stand up to the stormy weather over the weekend. Andrew sends a great big Thank you to you!

Yesterday Andy had a close call with a 'Rinkhals' (Snake) for those of you who aren't familiar with the name-
The Rinkhals look fairly similar to the Cobras but has keeled scales and only has a single species in the Genus.
 The hole in the fangs are  not at the tip of the teeth as with the Cobras but has a canal that ends in an elbow that projects the poison up and forward. Venom in the eyes can be very painful and cause blurred vision and the eyes should be washed with water or milk

Fortunately The snake struck and MISSED!  Andy did hurt his back a little dodging the strike! He said it would be another story he would take with him and share with others .

Kenn Slater also met Andrew over the weekend at the Rhino Bike Rally and was kind enough to send this picture to us!

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  1. hi andrew..this is the bikers from rhino rally in harrismith.we wish you a pleasant journey.god bless you and we will talk again.yvonne@healingguidance.co.za

    the dome riders bike club send all their greatings.