Monday, 31 October 2011

"Shenanigans & Fate"

We received this message today from Brian Dawson:

This past weekend (Friday 28th October) I bumped into Andy Norris for the SECOND time, at the Rhino (motorcycle) Rally in Harrismith in South Africa.  Last time I met him on his previous trip to South Africa, at the White Mountain Music Festival at a place called Thabamhlope near Estcourt in SA, in September 2009.

Here is a picture of Andy in the Rhino Rally office.  I will send another couple, of him in the "shenanigans" street in Harrismith on Saturday, where the motorcyclists were doing "wheelies" etc!

Andy was looking well, and really enjoyed himself at the Rally.  He was awarded a special prize by the Rally organizers at their prize-giving on Saturday night.  They have a special category for the person who has travelled the furthest to get to the Rhino Rally.  Although there were two Americans who had travelled further than Andy to get to RSA, they awarded Andy with a "special additional prize" for someone who had made the most effort to get there, recognizing his amazing achievement in cycling from Liverpool across Africa!!  Due to the lack of luggage space on his bike, they gave him a leather bikers skull cap, and a box of wine (for him to drink and enjoy before leaving Harrismith), and in true Andy Norris spirit he proceeded to give the wine away to people he had befriended!! (and I got one of the bottles!).


                                            Thanks for contacting us Brian!

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