Monday, 24 October 2011

No smoke without...

Since our the last Blog entry things have taken a rather wicked turn for Andy. Shortly after leaving Livingstone lodge &  Bulawayo, Andy set up camp one evening. As he was unsure of his surroundings he kept everything close together while cooking his well deserved meal -when suddenly a gust of wind blew from nowhere causing the flames to come alive ..setting alight his tent, sleeping bag, jacket, clothes and just about all of his long travelled and much depended on belongings! Andy managed to fight the flames and save his bike, bag and paperwork but sadly everything else was badly damaged. Thankfully Andy got away with suffering only  minor burns on his hands and feet.

Andy continued his journey South in search for a new blanket and basic items to keep him going till he crossed the  final border into South Africa.

Once again Andy came across some wonderful people who helped him along his journey by feeding him, supplying him with blankets, a roof over his head and friendship. He is so bewildered by the kindness of the people he has come across!

He is currently travelling down  through South Africa now! Thank you to Pricilla Noeth, who wrote to us this morning to let us know that Andy was seen in  Riverside Lodge in Mpumalanga .

These are photos of the damage the fire has caused.(Thank you Alex Riddell & Family for sending these to us this evening!) Take note of Andrew's camera..Think of all those photos that were lost! If you have seen Andrew on his Travels and you have any photos that you could forward us to complete the story of his journey-please send them to .

Andy is set to reach Spionkop Lodge in 2 weeks time. Will he make it on time?

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