Wednesday, 12 October 2011

'News From Out There!'

Since Andrew has been without his phone, The kop2kop team have received several messages from passing travellers that Andrew has met on his journey.

Yvonne  from Johannesburg sent some lovely photos of when Andrew was in Livingstone. This is what Yvonne had to say about Andy:

'I  spent 3 days at the Livingstone Safari Lodge with my kids (Thomas and Alexandra) from 26 to 29th September 2011. There we met Andrew, an exceptionally kind, humorous, sociable and gregarious character who had the courage to cycle through Africa, encountering pleasant and not so pleasant human inhabitants. We spent a day together visiting the Livingstone Museum, looking at a  steam train that served as a 5 star restaurant in the evenings, and we had a  beer at the exquisite Livingstone Royal Hotel.'

Thanks to Yvonne, Thomas & Alexandra! We are sure Andy will meet up with you again when he arrives in South Africa!

Since then We have also received the following messages:

My name is Michael, from Costa Rica...
I met Andrew at the campsite here in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, and he asked me to let you know he was all right.
Yesterday he had three flat tires, though when he suddenly saw a 10$ bill on the street he cheered up and wondered about God's message to him...
This morning he looked ready and fit to make his way to South Africa!

Just let you know that I passed Andy on my way up to Vic Falls on Saturday and then I met up with him this morning in Bulawayo after returning from Vic Falls yesterday. He's in good spirits but seems a little knackered.
Regards Shaun.

Thank you to all of you that have emailed in to let us know how Andy is doing! If you see him on your Journey please contact us on
We would love to see and share your photos and stories!

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