Thursday, 5 May 2011

The Long Road Ahead


Leaving from the front gates at Spion Kop in Liverpool  on the 5th June 2011

Eurotunnel to Paris on the 15th June 2011

Cycle down to Nice - Target date 24th June 2011

Fly across the Med to Cairo

Obtain Sudanese Visa from a camp near the Pyramids.

Hit the open road in to Sudan.

Then it's however the wind takes him! Obviously we will be taking routes that are deemed safe, all being well, including a stop off in Nyeri, Kenya, to see the grave of  Robert Baden Powell, who the founded the scouts.  He is also hoping to go through Botswana.

Then once he has entered South Africa, he will take the most direct route to Spion Kop (unless he makes good time! in which case he will visit friends and shoot the breeze on his way down!)

Andy aims to finish his quest at Spion Kop Ladysmith In time for Remembrance day. 11 November 2011.

The bike which will be Andy's travelling companion has been generously donated by upgrade bikes ltd and this was arranged kindly by  OT cycles.

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