Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Start Spreadin’ the News

Well ok, he’s not leaving today, but the news is certainly something Andy’s been spreading this week…

Wigan Evening Post – 13/05/2011 (click the picture to zoom in)

the wigan post 2

Andy will also be on BBC Radio Merseyside 95.8FM (click the link to listen live) on Wednesday the 25th @10:30pm.


Thanks very much to those who have already donated. There’s still a long time to go till Andy arrives in Ladysmith, so it’s lovely to see some sponsorship rolling in already. Andy is offering £25 to the sponsor who guesses closest to final mileage, so when you’re sponsoring, let us know what your guess is. If you’re donating via one of the justgiving pages (links at the top-left of this page) then just include your guess in the comments and we’ll collate them from there. If you’ve already donated, send us an email with your guess and we’ll add you to the list too.

Some friends threw a farewell party on Sunday night, so here’s a few pictures from that. Our countdown tells me there’s still another 19 days until the odyssey begins, but from here on it gets pretty serious and Andy’s time will be pretty much all be taken up preparing for the ride. And ours will be dedicated to bringing you the latest news and updates.

Pablo Rodriguez, Kop2Kop news

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