Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Andy has left the Country!

Andy spent the wet weekend in Linconshire. Along the way he met Mr Harry Williams the oldest lifeguard in Britain! He also mentioned he was also lucky enough to  chat  too some crew from the R.N.L.I and a bomber command meteorologist.
Although nursing a cold and feeling a little under the weather, Andy  caught up with a group of friends he met while doing a walk in Napal some time ago. The Finally spending some time with close friends and Partner Debbie before departing on the Euro train this morning to France.
Did you know , That although Andy is doing this trip to support his chosen charities, He has in fact funded this trip on his own!
So far it has cost him the following:
Andy's contribution to the cost of his Bike : £400
Flight from Nice- Cairo                               £325
Euro Tunnel                                              £ 35
Freight for Bike                                         £ 22
Worldwide Sim Card                                  £ 30
Medical/ Vaccines                                    £ 60
Travel Insurance                                       £118
Flight Home                                             £329
Visa's                                                      £300
Hotel (while visa's are obtained)                 £ 77
So that is £1696.00 that Andy has spent already! Now you know why he rented his home and chose to live in his Camper Van!
All Contributions you make will benefit Andy's charities! 
On a lighter note. Carl is looking after Andy's motorbike while he is away. Carl has supplied us with some photo's to show how well Andy's bike is being cared for. It attended a charity bike wash over the weekend and got a good Spit and Polish!  And once again all for a good cause. 
If you have any Photo's or Comments. Please Let us know! 

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  1. Hey Andy !
    I met you today and watched your blog. That's a very long way !!! I hope you found Corbeil Essonne. But if you want we can sell you a car, it would be faster and easier !!! Hahaha

    Have a very good trip :)