Monday, 20 June 2011

France- Chalon Sur Soane.

Andy and Graham have had a great week despite wet weather and strong head winds. They will be going into Chalon sur Soane to see if anyone can suggest some routes to speed up the Journey. Yesterday was the first day that they caught sight of the Alps. I am sure they have taken full advantage of the fine wines and cheeses along the way although , Andy is still nursing his cold but is in good spirits.  
The Pictures are of Pont saint Laurent, Chalon sur Soane Catherdral and St Vincents Cathedral, which are all in the the vicinity of Chalon Sur Soane.
On Friday Andy will bid farewell to his travelling partner Graham and will catch a flight from Nice to Cairo. Graham will be returning home to England. We hope to hear from Graham on his return.


  1. Told you to take flu/cold capsules!!! I'm sure the wine helped! Paula x

  2. Alive and well! Just back from Abu Sinbel. Now sitting in Aswan with four Irish lads in an S registration Land Cruiser heading south to Cape Town. Heading into Sudan on the ferry on Wednesday.

  3. Just met Andy while sitting in the hotel lobby trying to figure out which move comes next. We are heading south as well but in a Land Cruiser... Cycling in 45 degree heat sounded like too much work for us! If you fancy following us you can check our website