Sunday, 26 June 2011


Andy has reached Egypt!
He is Happy & Well although missing Graham. In the next few days he will be obtaining his Visa's before hitting the road again. If you see Andy let us know! 


  1. You sure you've not got a motorbike? ;-) Glad you've made it to Africa ok, now the real adventure begins. Paula x

  2. Watch out for dodgy looking camel herders Andy :) I'll let the lads at DHL/yodel know where you are up to.

  3. Hi ya to all of Andy's loyal readers. I met Andy yesterday at the mentioned hotel as i had just returned from Aswan and Luxor. Andy seemed in good spirits, he was raring to get back on the road to continue his travels through Egypt and in to Sudan, however he had to wait to sort some financial hassles out. Now that Andy has sorted his monies out he was back on the road this morning. I didn't have a chance to say by and good luck with the rest of his journey, so i'll say it just now "best of luck with the remainder of your travels through Egypt, Sudan and on to Africa". Take care Andy. All the best to you. p.s. I'm glad you enjoyed your Subway Meatball Marinara. Posted by: Grant Muir (originally from Scotland) Juliana hotel, Garden City, Cairo, Egypt.

  4. Going well Andy. Keep it up. get your hands in your pockets everybody for Andy. To Donate to his cause you can send donations to

    kop2kop bike ride
    C/O RGJ Association
    18 Rolling Mill Lane
    St Helens
    WA9 3GB

    Cheques made out to RGJ Association
    The association will give £25 to the sponsor who estimates the nearest to his cycled milage.

    Good Luck Andy

    Ray Gerrard